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Primary Section

In Primary section, there is a blend of Academics, Co-curricular activities and Sports The day begins with the morning assembly followed by PT drill and Yoga for physical fitness. To keep them abreast with the latest news and major events a general knowledge quiz is conducted regularly by the students

MGN provide every student the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills so that they can flourish and fulfil their dreams. We pay special attention to 4 R’s – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening to impart embedded knowledge to young bloomers and fun filled activities.

Each class room presents a vibrant and a joyful learning ambiance to the young learners. The rooms are well equipped with hot cases , AC and smart class facilities.

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The school library is well stocked with story books and other reading material. Picnics and excursions are organised to give them a chance to strengthen their social skills and have joyful experience. Annual Day Celebration, Athletic Meet, Diwali Mela, Carnival and Occasional Movie Shows are much awaited functions/events for the children.


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For the healthy growth of young and energetic kids a special menu is followed and fruit break is integral part of daily routine along with their regular lunch break.

We believe that ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’. Students are provided with ample opportunities to participate in various indoor and outdoor sports. Eg Carom, Chess , Ludo, Skipping , Athletics, Football , Cricket etc. Half Olympic size swimming pool is the star attraction for the young Montgomerians. The students hone their skills in various games under the watchful eyes of well trained and qualified coaches

Children have the privilege to participate in the plethora of activity throughout the academic session. Activity period and hobby periods are integral part of our weekly planner. They participate in various competitions like wiz craft, clay modelling, show & tell, declamation, story telling etc.

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