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Fee Structure and Schedule of Payment

Fee must be paid in advance for 3 months as per the amount recorded in the bank booklet. The fee can be deposited in the bank situated near the school building. Fresh admission fee will be charged in case of attendance defaulters. Late fee will be charged from the fee defaulters as per the school rules. Re-admission well depend upon the availability of the seats and at the discretion of the Principal.

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The Principal, in the interest of the school can request the parents to withdraw their child for the following reasons: -
1. Where in the opinion of the Principal, the child has failed to accept the discipline of the school and his/ her continued presence is detrimental to the interest of other students of the school.
2. Where the child fails to come up to he academic standard of the class. This provision is made in the interest of the child so that he/ she may leave the school when he/she is still young enough to join a school suitable for him/ her.
3. No refund of tuition fee and annual funds will be given, if a student is withdrawn during the session or expelled from the school on disciplinary grounds.